Happy Pearl Jam Day!

Friday was like a national holiday for me: tickets for Pearl Jam’s spring tour went on sale. And though the Fenway Park shows won’t go on sale for another few weeks, I took advantage of the April school vacation week to purchase tickets to the April 18 show in Hampton, VA.  There is the possibility of other shows, as well, but I wanted to guarantee we got to at least one show before inevitably buying tickets to both Fenway shows in August.

I have been a huge Pearl Jam fan since the early days when, working for WAAF, I was fortunate enough to Pearl_Jam_-_Alive-logo-8943BAE8ED-seeklogo.com.gifsee them twice in a week at small venues in and around Boston: the first at Cumnock Hall at UMass-Lowell (not a great venue for acoustics) and two nights later at a packed Axis onm Lansdown Street. That night, the band was on and played with an edge. I think it was Jeff Ament who threatened violence if any of the equipment was damaged, and Eddie was spot on all night, including a snippet of Soundgarden’s “Outshined.” I was hooked from those two shows on.

My wife, Dayna, is a relative newcomer into the world of PJ. Though she knew of the band and of some of its better known songs, it wasn’t until she bought me tickets to a show at the DCU Center in Worcester that she truly understood the magic of the band. There, she witnessed pure perfection, as PJ did one of its usual high-energy, perfectly-performed nights. There is no better live band in the world, and they proved it that night (and virtually every other night on the Lightning Bolt tour). Less than a year later, we agreed to use “Future Days” as the first dance at our wedding.

Our son Cam is a huge PJ fan. Though he has severe special needs, he can always identify a PJ song and listens to them constantly. Hampton will be his first PJ show, Dayna’s second, and at least my 20th (I’ve lost count – I need to go back and document which shows I have been to in the next month or so).

Over the past year, I have been working on my list of Top 100 Pearl Jam songs. As always, it is a work in progress, and on any given day it could look slightly different. However, as of January 31, 2016, this is what it looks like. No covers unless they have been released on a non-live album. The other thing is I enjoy all of these songs and listen to all of them at one time or another, so being at the bottom of the list is not a big deal. I’d love to see what others view as their top 10, 25, 50, or 100 songs (and let me know if I repeated any – I don’t think I have but my eyes are getting old!)


For the record, Dayna’s favorite is “Unthought Known” and Cam’s, by best guess, is “Even Flow.”

Top Pearl Jam songs

  1. I Am Mine
  2. Alive
  3. Porch
  4. Lightning Bolt
  5. Do The Evolution
  6. Man of the Hour
  7. Unthought Known
  8. Future Days
  9. Rearviewmirror
  10. Corduroy
  11. The Fixer
  12. Not For You
  13. World Wide Suicide
  14. Animal
  15. Jeremy
  16. Mind Your Manners
  17. Elderly Woman
  18. Given to Fly
  19. Just Breathe
  20. Wishlist
  21. Smile
  22. State of Love and Trust
  23. Down
  24. Release
  25. Getaway
  26. Nothing as it Seems
  27. Better Man
  28. Once
  29. Black
  30. Daughter
  31. Go
  32. Hail Hail
  33. Life Wasted
  34. Why Go?
  35. Even Flow
  36. Sirens
  37. WMA
  38. Got Some
  39. Glorified G
  40. In Hiding
  41. Habit
  42. Deep
  43. Indifference
  44. Lukin
  45. Dissident
  46. Red Mosquito
  47. Garden
  48. Gonna See My Friend
  49. Spin the Black Circle
  50. Infallible
  51. Who You Are
  52. In My Tree
  53. Leash
  54. Last Exit
  55. MFC
  56. Love Boat Captain
  57. Oceans
  58. I Got Id
  59. Immortality
  60. Swallowed Whole
  61. Inside Job
  62. Tremor Christ
  63. Yellow Ledbetter
  64. My Father’s Son
  65. Blood
  66. Sleeping by Myself
  67. Nothingman
  68. All Those Yesterdays
  69. Supersonic
  70. Insignificance
  71. Dirty Frank
  72. Parting Ways
  73. Pendulum
  74. Satan’s Bed
  75. Pilate
  76. Rats
  77. Brain of J
  78. Light Years
  79. Soon Forget
  80. Off He Goes
  81. Leatherman
  82. Whipping
  83. No Way
  84. Parting Ways
  85. Breakerfall
  86. Bushleaguer
  87. Save You
  88. Thumbing My Way
  89. You Are
  90. Gone
  91. Severed Hand
  92. Amongst the Waves
  93. Last Kiss
  94. Footsteps
  95. Rival
  96. Low Light
  97. Evacuation
  98. Comatose
  99. Brother
  100. Arc





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