First real snow of the season 

It took a few months, but the first real snow of the season hit today in central Massachusetts. It wasn’t a huge storm by any stretch of the imagination, but it was more than anticipated and was enough to cancel school for just about everyone (except Dayna, unfortunately, who endured a two-hour delay and a ton of poor communication throughout the day).

I spent most of the morning shoveling and cleaning the rook and deck. Dayna, meanwhile, spent the day in school and then drove 45 minutes to Franklin for her leadership course, only to find out it was cancelled (and no one told her — lack of communication by leaders, Part 2). On her way home, she joined her parents for a much deserved dinner out. After a trip to Kalon Farms to pick up some grass-fed steak and pork tenderloin, Cam and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. The beauty after a fresh snow is unmatched, and I certainly missed it over the past couple months.

Though cleaning the snow is never usually much fun, the arrival of snow means Dayna and I will be able to break out the snowshoes soon. We did a lot of snowshoeing last year, and I look forward to a few trips before the season ends in a month or so.


The view across Lake Whalom at 5:30 p.m.


Cleaned the deck just in case we get a home showing this weekend.

You can see the definitive line between the clouds and the blue skies in the distance, as well as the beauty of the snow-covered trees along route 117.

Cam enjoying our walk tonight.

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