Rest, Recovery and Fun on Vacation

We got home from Austin about 2:15 a.m. Wednesday morning. The days since have been spent recovering from the half-marathon and the amazing four days in Austin, as well as enjoying the few days we have remaining on school break.

I returned to my training Wednesday. Things have been a bit slow going as my legs are still in recovery mode. However, I’ve had some decent work on overhead squats, back squats and walking lunges and also worked my cardio and upper body hard with burpees, man makers, push-ups, dumbbell rows and bench press, and pull-ups.  I also went for a tough 4.11 mile run today. It was hilly (almost 500 feet of elevation in just over 4 miles) and my legs felt tired from the first step. However, I still managed a 7:52 pace. It’s a slow process but one well worth it. I’m still figuring out races for the year: definitely a bunch of 5Ks, probably a Spartan and/or other obstacle race and maybe another half or possibly a 10K (maybe this is the year I finally do the James Joyce Ramble).

Dayna has been doing a quite a bit of running as well. She’s done 13 miles since the half-marathon and is hoping to do 10 or so tomorrow. She’s also helping her sister prepare for a 5K in Worcester next month.

Dayna and I have watched a lot of The West Wing this week. It’s her all-time favorite show, but I had never seen it. We finished season 1 yesterday and are about 5 episodes into season 2. It’s great — the storylines are still relevant more than a decade later and the characters are perfectly written. My all-time favorite is 24, but this show is excellent! It’s even got me considering a run for state representative (unlikely, but more likely than becoming the next Jack Bauer). I certainly appreciate the difficulty of the job of the President and his staff more than ever.

 On Thursday, we went to see Spotlight. The film was amazing and it gave me the journalism bug again. Not that I can do much about that, seeing it’s a dying industry, but it was interesting to see how the Boston Globe reporters worked to break that story. Both Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo were fantastic, and Rachel McAdams has come a long way since Mean Girls. It is definitely a must-see and should have been up for more Academy Awards.

Friday was spent in Boston at the               JFK Presidential Library. I’m not sure if it was because we have been taught so much about Kennedy here in Massachusetts, but we both found the LBJ Presidential Library more interesting. It had more exhibits and more about what LBJ accomplished, as well as more about the culture during that time. JFK is definitely worth the trip, though! 


















I also finished up a book, Descent, by Tim Johnson. I enjoyed this psychological thriller, which was part Taken, part In the Lake of the Woods, and lots of originality. I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads. 
For Valentine’s Day, Dayna bought me Trouble Boys. I’ve been looking forward to this book since it was announced last year. I’ve only read a few pages but I’ve already learned a lot about my favorite band, The Replacements.  

Saturday was gorgeous — high 50s and sunny. We took advantage with runs and steak on the grill. 


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