Don’t Sleep on Nate Diaz

One of the major storylines heading into UFC 196 is who will Conor McGregor fight next? Robbie Lawler? Jose Aldo? Georges St. Pierre?

The answer is Nate Diaz.

McGregor is going to have his hands full with Diaz, one of the toughest men in MMA. When he’s motivated, Diaz is one of the best in the sport, and there’s no doubt he’s motivated for this fight. 

McGregor has screwed with the minds of past opponents, but he hasn’t been able to mess with Diaz. One, Diaz doesn’t get intimidated. As he often says, “I don’t give a f…” Two, Diaz can talk with the best of them, and the last few days it certainly appears he might be in McGregor’s head.

This is just a hunch, but I think Diaz wins this fight. He loves being the underdog and he seems ready, focused, and in control. Diaz in second round submission.

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