Iceland Revisted

With a baby on the way in October, we figured we had one last big trip in us before the baby is born and we have a year or so off from any huge trips. We made a list of possible places to visit, including the San Francsico bay area, San Diego,Denver, Salt Lake, Prince Edward Island and Anchorage. We had actually decided on Anchorage at first, as the flights were reasonably priced (about $425 round trip each) and it was a bucket list trip for both of us. However, Dayna pointed out that a 13-hour travel day (including about 11 hours of flight time) might not be the most comfortable for a woman six months’ pregnant.

It was then we came to the obvious conclusion: Iceland.

We went to Iceland last July for our belated honeymoon (we were married in October 2014). We loved every second of our trip there and said we wanted to return. What better time than now? Though the flights were twice as much as Alaska, the duration is much shorter (5 hours tops) and it is a direct flight to Keflavik. Plus, we were able to hire a VW Caddy camper van from FairCars so we will be able to explore more of the island (which is what Iceland actually means), making it almost a no-brainer.

We immediately booked the flights and the van and purchased a few travel guides to help us plan a rough itinerary. Of course, we want to be spontaneous as well, so all plans are pretty rough. The only things we know for sure is that we will drive to Reykjavik when we land late Thursday night and make camp at the Reykjavik Campground. On Friday morning, we will get up and either head to The Grey Cat Cafe or C is for Cookie for  quick breakfast, hit one of the local grocery stores for supplies, and maybe see a few of the major sites in Reykjavik (since we spent the majority of pour last visit in the southwestern part of the country). I may even hit CrossFit Reykjavik (owned by Annie Thorisdottir) for a training session as I did last year, though that remains to be seen.

From there, the plan is to drive southeast, past some of the awesome waterfalls, glaciers, and volcanoes we saw last year toward Jökulsárlón, a glacier lagoon in southeast Iceland.  It looks amazing and pictures and, based on our last trip, pictures don’t even come close to doing anything in Iceland justice.

After that, it’s anyone’s guess as to what we do. We are thinking about going over to the Westman Islands and then heading to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, where will be visit the national park, see some awesome waterfalls, and possibly descend and walk in a volcano (although it’s $350 each)!

No matter what we end up doing, it will be awesome. Iceland is certainly the most amazing place on Earth, and we can’t wait to be there in 48 houts!


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