East Iceland is gorgeous

We spent the majority of our third full day in East Iceland. It started at 8 a.m. with a hike to Fardafoss and a trip behind the falls after a tight decline using a chain. 

After a stop at N1 for coffee and water, we headed to the fishing town of Seydisfjordor, best known for two things: being the port for the ferry from Europe and being a location for the filming of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The road leading in also appeared to be the one Walter skateboards along.

After a stop to stock up on groceries, we headed to another tiny town, Borgarfjordur, to see puffins. We also visited an elf church, played with horses, saw a grass house and ate amazing fish soup and rhubarb pie at Alfa Cafe. The road leading in and out was a gravel mountain road with giro in turns and amazing views (once the fog lifted).From there we drove northwest through a lava field desert and ended our day at Dettifoss, a powerful waterfall. We made camp next to a lava field! Hitting Krafla volcanic area, Myvtan and Akuryi tomorrow! 

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