Last full day

The day started at 7:30 with the taking apart the van bed and a small breakfast. We headed down the Ring Road about 40 kilometers and stopped at an N1 for gas, coffee and donuts — and a picture with an Icelandic football star:We headed into the West Fjords, meaning we are among the 14 percent of non-Icelanders to visit the gorgeous region. We traveled along sealed and gravel roads, past fjords and beaches, and up and over mountains. We made a quick stop along the Greenland Sea so I could jump in quickly.

After two hours or so, we came to Holmavik, a town of about 400. It was gorgeous! We sat and lounged in the sun for a bit, checked out the soccer rink (what looks like indoor soccer but is outdoors) and stopped at a grocery store for mustard so we could enjoy on out pulsyrs (hot dogs) at lunch.

We headed toward the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. After lunch near Erik the Red’s home close to Budardalur (and a missed turn as I wasn’t paying attention), we made it to Stykkisholmur — another beautiful ocean town. Anyone who has seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty would know this town, as it served as Nuuk, Greenland in the film. We checked out Viking Sushi and picked up a few souvenirs before stopping at the pharmacy/apothecary for some acetephetemin. We ate dinner at a harborside restaurant. We split a salad and ordered fish stew and seafood pasta. Everything was delicious — and I figured out I liked mussels. After a delicious dessert of while chocolate mousse, we took a walk, found a cat (of course) and hiked to a lighthouse on top of a hill at the harbor, which provided great views.

We thought about heading to Kurjafell, but decided to go south. We ended up in Borgarnes for the night after seeing multiple cats in town. Dayna and I each read an Icelandic tale before calling it a night. 

Wednesday’s plan is to hit a coffee shop that also was used in Walter Mitty, hit Reykjavik one last time, gain our revenge on the troll in Keflavik, and then head home to Boston at 5:45 pm local time.


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