Friday Fun Day, Part 1

Friday was a busy day for the three of us.It started with hanging out at Coggshall Park with our friend Jackie and her kids, Tai and Lola. We spent time walking around the lake, looking for turtles, watching the geese and ducks, and finding a geocache. Though we saw all of the above, there was one thing we saw more than anything else:

People playing Pokemon Go.

Everywhere we went in the park, there were people playing Pokemon Go: the woods, the gazebo, the playground, the path along the pond … Everywhere. At one point, I counted 18 of 20 people playing Pokemon Go.

It’s kind of scary to watch people totally engrossed by their phone. There was beautiful nature all around, yet all focus was on a phone screen. Instead of seeing the trees and turtles and hearing the birds, people saw imaginary creatures and yelled when they found one to everyone else. Someone could have bee giving away a million dollars a few feet away and none of the Pokemon Go players would have noticed.

I will say that Pokemon Go has done a great job of getting people outside, and I’m hoping it will be s gateway to the power of nature for these people. I will say the people we saw at Coggshall were not thenormal crowd, so it has opened up the park to others. However, unless these people lookup from the phone on occasion, they will never truly enjoy the beauty of nature.

Anyway, we grabbed lunch for Cam and did a geocache at Coolidge Park and another in the woods at Fitchburg State’s Elliott Field before heading to the Crocker Trails  conservation area behind Burbank Hospital for one final cache. It was a tough one, as we had to bushwhack about a quarter of a mile through the woods. 

It was then home to prepare for part two of Friday Funday: Pearl Jam at Fenway!

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