Iceland 2018, Day 1

Dayna and I absolutely love Iceland — the natural beauty, waterfalls, the landscapes, the food, the people, the sheep, and even the weather make it the most magical place we have been.

This time around, we were able to share this amazing place with our almost 18-month-old son Bode, who loves the outdoors more than possibly anyone, as well as our friends Jackie and Mark and their children Tai and Lola.

The flight went great. Icelandair is the way to go as they have comfortable seats and in-flight entertainment. Bode is becoming quite the flier, as he watched some TV and slept. He barely fussed the entire five-hour flight.

After picking up our rental at CarsIceland (just a short walk/bus ride from Keflavík Airport), we headed to the Bridge Between Continents, a land bridge that symbolically connects the North American and European tectonic plates. It was windy as could be, but Bode insisted on walking. He did great and looked awesome as the wind blew through his hair.

Brimketill was the next stop. A series of cliffs and pools along the south coast of the Reykjanes Peninsula, Brimketill is a perfect example of how powerful the ocean is. Waves came crashing in at breakneck speeds, splashing easily 50 feet into the air.

From there, we made the scenic drive along the coast to Selfoss, a cute town along the Ring Road. We were looking for a place to eat, then I saw a familiar sight — the Kaffi Kaus. Dayna and I had eaten here on one of our previous adventures and loved it. The place is small, so I ran in and checked to see if it could fit seven people. They could and the meal was fantastic.

From there, we headed to the Kronan to get food for dinner and breakfast on Wednesday. We passed on the Kit Kat cheesecake, though it did look pretty good!

We made the 20-minute drive from Selfoss to Araebaer in Flóahreppur. A working horse farm, the accommodations and horses were perfect. After visiting with the horses and exploring the farm, dinner was a chicken salad and then we headed to Urridafoss, a cool waterfall just a few miles away, and then found a geocache at a small church. Around 9, we went to bed for much-needed sleep.

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