Changing Your Mindset Challenge 1

mindsetPeople are always looking for the magic bullet for achievement. The world is filled with quick fixes, miracle pills, and gurus ready to “help” you reach your goal quickly. Unfortunately, there is no quick way to accomplish anything. There is, however, one thing all of can start working on now to influence almost every aspect of our lives:

Work on our mindset.

Success in school, work, sports, the arts, relationships, self-care — almost everything in our lives — is dramatically affected by how we think about our abilities. Those with a fixed mindset, that is those who believe our abilities are already set, are less likely to flourish than those with a growth mindset, a belief that we can always be learning, growing and improving.

The next few posts will be about mindset, and how changing our mindset can help us in our quest to succeed in whatever challenges face us in life.

Mindset shift number one is the following statement: “You are the type of  person who _______.” Some people prefer the pronoun, “I” instead of “you”, but “you” can be a better option. By using the pronoun “You”, it eliminates the ego of I and energizes the brain by commanding it to do something. Today, I want you to focus on “You are the type of person who takes action, takes responsibility, and does hard things”. It does not matter what the task, take ownership of it. 

This, of course, is easier said than done. Like me, you will fail often. That’s okay — failure is a great teacher. With a growth mindset, you understand that you can always improve. When something does not go as you wanted it to, reflect on what you did and did not do and grow from it for next time. You will never be perfect, and once you can accept that, you can improve from any misstep or setback.

Here is a relatively simple (in theory, but perhaps not execution) challenge to start becoming the type of person who takes action, takes responsibility, and does hard things: don’t snooze. If you want that extra 7 minutes of sleep, set the alarm 7 minutes later. Otherwise, when the alarm goes off, get up. The snooze time does not help anything physiologically, and is a huge detriment psychologically, as you are delaying the first thing you are supposed to do — wake up. It does not matter if you read, do some breathing exercises or meditate, and get up and exercise as long as you do not snooze

Good luck with this week’s challenge!

Articles and Podcasts: Links to some interesting and informative pieces from across the health world —

The Power Nine (from Blue Zones)


Spartan Up! Podcast with Kara Goucher — Joe DeSena interviews one of the baddest women on the planet — Kara Goucher. Kara is not only an Olympian on the track, but also in all aspects of her life. She lives and breathes integrity, resilience, and grit.

“This Important Mindset Trick Will make You More Successful” — Great article on the effects of mindset by Allistair Cox

Workout I Loved: Simple (not easy) and to the point

Five rounds:

500m row (or run)

15 KB swings (50#/30#)

10 weighted jump squats (I used a hex bar)

10 med ball overhead toss (20# ball)

Murph on Memorial Day: I have done this hero WOD for the last seven years, and Monday will make year 8. This will be the first time I attempt it with the suggested 20# vest:

Run 1 mile

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-ups

300 Squats

Run 1 mile

I’m hoping to break 45 minutes with the vest. We shall see.

Book I’m Reading: I’m about a third of the way through Scotty by Ken Dryden. Longtime hockey coach Scotty Bowman is the epitome of grit and growth mindset, as even in his 80s, he is still improving his hockey mind. 

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